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Built by the community,
for the community.

Founded in the Northern Rivers NSW, our energy model is the first of its kind in Australia.

Our goal is to reduce carbon emissions and facilitate the transition to a renewable energy future by building sustainable and resilient communities, where renewable energy will be accessible to all.

  • Owned by 1,600+ Australian community shareholders

  • Supporting communities to self-power with local, renewable energy

  • 50% of profits returned to the community after tax and reinvestment

No lock-in contracts
No hidden surprises
No exit fees
Completely transparent

Why choose us?

We’re Australia’s first energy-focused social enterprise that will reinvest half its profits for positive impact across local communities.

Community owned

We’re community-owned, which means we’re helping change and localise Australia’s energy system.

Community funded

We're keeping money circulating in our communities to grow local economies.

Supports renewables

We’re leading in the transition to a 100% renewable future by helping communities create their own energy supplies based on renewables.

Climate focused

We’re helping communities take local action on climate change by creating innovative energy models based on generating, storing and sharing from renewable sources.

Local customer service

We employ a diverse local team of energy consultants who are available to assist you with any of your needs or queries, any day of the week.

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How we’re giving back

We’re returning 50% of our profits (after tax and reinvestment) for innovative community-run renewable energy projects, energy efficiency and education.

We're proud to supply community-owned, renewable energy.

3 benefits of switching to community power

Pick a plan that suits you

Whether you’re looking for your home or business, already have solar or are looking to swap to solar, our team will match you with the best offer for your situation.

Affordable access to
a cleaner energy future

Gain confidence that you're getting simple, transparent, competitive rates with straight-forward pricing, and the option to take up 100% green power.

Local help,
whenever you need it

Enjoy a dedicated and friendly local customer service team through phone & online chat,
all based in NSW.

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Why your choice makes a difference

By choosing Enova, you’re helping us localise Australia’s energy system through innovative projects like microgrids and solar gardens—as well as volunteer programs to educate customers on energy efficiency—so communities can generate, distribute and share their own renewable power and in turn lower their costs.

Power that helps save the planet

Did you know?

Switching will prevent the equivalent of:

995kg of coal from being burnt
84 trash bags of waste going to landfill
Keeping 4.6 barrels of oil in the ground
Storing the same amount of carbon of 2.6 acres of forest
Source: EPA and EnergyLink Services.

Small change. Big impact.

Every customer who switches from fossil fuels to Enova Energy prevents 1.99 tonnes of carbon dioxide* from being released into the atmosphere each year.

And, this month if you make the switch, you can choose for Enova to donate $50 to COREM on your behalf.

This special offer is for new customers only. *T&Cs apply.

Source: EPA and EnergyLink Services.
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community-owned social enterprise with your friends and family.

How do we compare?

  • Existing energy model
  • 20th century model
  • Large scale generation plants
  • Long distance transmission and distribution
  • Energy flowing one way into the household
  • Money is returned to large scale generators and retailers
  • Enova's energy model
  • Alternative energy model
  • Decentralised power
  • Localised, cleaner, more reliable energy generation
  • Electricity is generated, stored and shared locally
  • Money is returned to the community

The power’s in your hands

Your donation will continue revolving through the fund to support community rooftop solar on an ongoing basis. The fund has helped support 13 community organisations' rooftop installations to date. *T&Cs Apply.

applied to your
first bill
Code: ENOVA50
to be donated
on your behalf
Code: COREM50


How long does it take to switch to Enova?

It's a quick and easy process. It takes 5 minutes to complete the form and we'll contact your existing energy retailer to complete the transfer.

Can I change my mind on switching?

There is a ten day cooling off period. But aside from that, we don’t lock customers into contracts. You can leave at any time.

Am I locked-in to a contract?

Whilst we know you'll love being an Enova Energy customer, you can end your agreement with no exit fees at any time, no questions asked.

I don’t have solar. Can I still join you?

Absolutely, there’s no requirement to have solar to be an Enova customer.

We still have an offer with benefits for customers without solar which is our Community Plus offer.

You can view these at the Home Energy Plans and Business Plans pages.

How can I reduce my energy bill?

Everyone’s circumstances are different, but there are many ways you can reduce your bill. These can range from technological, e.g. replacing old energy-hungry appliances with more efficient models, to behavioural, such as employing energy efficiency behaviours to reduce how much energy you are using. One starting point to learn about what you can do is on our energy efficiency landing page which has resources on reducing your usage around the home.

Finding the right energy plan to suit your energy use also helps! Our Customer Service team would be happy to run a bill comparison on your recent electricity bill to see how it compares to our offers.

What areas do you service?

We currently service all of New South Wales and South East Queensland. If you're not in these areas, join our waitlist here and we will let you know as soon as we come to your region.

Community buzz

We asked our 9,000+ happy customers how they felt about Enova.
Here's what a few of them had to say...

The best energy company in the country... local, renewable energy friendly, a very friendly voice at the other end of the phone, and recycling the profits locally.


Lismore, NSW

We just 'switched on' to Enova!!! No more paying for electricity to companies whose heads are so far down the coal mine that they can’t see what they’re actually doing to the planet. A brilliant concept.


Grafton, NSW

Great customer service...
but to be honest the best part is, we have saved so much $$$. We do have solar but had it with another provider for 4 years before switching and since then our energy bills have almost halved. Thanks Enova!

Helena S

Brunswick Heads, NSW

Our achievements

We’re proud to have been recognised and rewarded
by respected organisations.


Excellence in Social Enterprise (2019)
Northern Rivers Regional Business Awards


Excellence in Social Enterprise (2019)
Northern Rivers State Business Awards


Regional Sustainability Award (2017)
Green Globe Awards

Finalist (Regional)

Green Energy Retailer of the Year 2020 Green Awards 2020

Can’t make up your mind?

We can help. Just upload your most recent residential or
business electricity bill and our team will analyse the key
information to see how it compares to our offers.

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